Meet the Makers: Colormaker Industries

Meet the Makers: Colormaker Industries

We're huge fans of Colormaker IndustriesPermaset Aqua and Permaprint Premium screen printing ink! We've been using Colormaker products from day dot and exclusively sell and use their products here at Bobbin and Ink. We recently quizzed Wendy and David from Colormaker HQ about their products, and asked them to share some of their fave tips / work done with their inks. Here is a little of what we found out...

What sets Permaset apart from the pack?

The team at Colormaker Industries has always sought to revolutionise the print industry. The Permaset range of water-based inks/paints offer superior performance, without trading-off printability on the screen or the hardiness of the finished product.

Permaset's big claim to fame is 100% solvent free, water-based and low odour: these inks are so much safer for printers and artists to work with than solvent based products. A huge achievement has also been made within the Permaset Aqua Process Colours and the Permatone range, which have the approval of the Soil Association of the UK.

The pigments provide intense, vibrant colour, rich in coverage and with exceptional colour yield. The unique polymer binding the pigment to the fabric delivers exceptionally soft handle and yet shows excellent resistance to damage by rub, wash and dry-cleaning, all without the need for additives. The ink colours have light-fastness ratings of at least 6/8 on the Blue Wool scale – in fact most of the colours received ratings of 8/8!

The Permaset brand's other key strengths are:

  • It's an easy access, high quality ink developed for both commercial screen printers, art and craft users alike.
  • The inks come in many sizes to suit anything from small projects to large users.
  • Because they're water based, they're easy and safe to clean up with water
  • Fabrics printed with Permaset inks have unsurpassed softness and are comfortable to wear. They do not exhibit a ‘hard print’ feel.
  • They come in a large range of colours including GLOWS, METALLICS and PROCESS colours.
  • Permaset has an excellent SUPERCOVER range for printing directly onto dark fabrics and t-shirts.

The full Permaset range is divided into:

  • Permaset Aqua inks for printing on fabrics and textiles
  • Permatone fabric inks which can be mixed to match 950 PMS colours
  • Permaprint Premium inks for printing on substrates such as paper, cardboard, many plastics, wood, Styrofoam and more.


Images: (L) T-shirt screen printed by Seal Maiden using a mix of Permaset Copper and Gold inks | (R) Permaprint Premium Gold ink screen printed onto glass by Crooked Cartoon

What is your favourite Permaset product and why?

My favourites are the Permaset Metallics due to the beautiful and unique effects which can be achieved when screen-printing, block printing or hand-painting with these colours. See some examples above.

What have been some stand out projects you have seen your customers produce with your inks?

Here is a collection of our favourites...

a. Beautiful art cushion hand-painted with Permaset inks by @maed_by_Kristy
b. Droplet Face t-shirt screen printed with Permaset Supercover by @wasted_heroes in Birmingham
c. Beautiful painted artwork canvas created by @tiffmanuell in Adelaide using Permaset paints/inks
d. T-shirts by @sanchosdirtylaundry screen printed with Permaset Aqua inks
e. ‘Urban Decay’ block print by @littlebrowndog using Permaset inks
f. Hand painted mermaid tail using Permaset Aqua eco-friendly inks by @Vancouvermermaid

Do you have any tips or advice for any budding Screen Printers out there?

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You can also check out ‘How To’ videos on our Tech Specs and Tutorials page.

Steve Woods from @arcade_screenprinting, pictured printing with Permaset Aqua inks above.

Where can we find out more about you?

There is lots of information on our website We also have a number of social media accounts with some fabulous images and videos of t-shirts, tea towels, posters, cushions, canvas artworks, table clothes, yardage and more – plus examples of projects you can make on these resources. Check them out: Instagram  Facebook  Twitter  Google+  Pinterest 

A range of Permaset products are also for sale at Bobbin and Ink - buy instore or on line!

Stay tuned for part two of our chat with Permaset, where we take a look at their environmental foothold in the printing industry.

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