Print Club Maker Feature: Gemma Threadgate

Print Club Maker Feature: Gemma Threadgate

This month we caught up with Bobbin and Ink Print Club regular Gemma Threadgate, for a quick Q&A.

Tell us about your label and what you do?

Threadgate is an Australian homeware and clothing label created by myself, Gemma Threadgate.

My main focuses for the label are textile design, sustainable design and supporting Australian made. I embrace a design process that encourages personal expression over conformity to fads. I aim for each collection to create unique and inspiring objects that are not only the manifestations of a personal interest but can also be used to help tell the story of their new homes.


Tell us about the process of making your work.

I support ethical and sustainable manufacturing by practising slow fashion which allows me to be involved in each stage of the process. Fabrics are sourced locally, hand screen printing is done locally at Bobbin & Ink and the digital printing is printed in Sydney. I understand the importance of supporting local manufacturing and businesses and aim to do this whenever possible.

I have undertaken previous studies in Fashion Design, Clothing Production and Textile Design so I am able to utilise all these skills in Threadgate.

What inspires your work?

I find inspiration from a wide variety of things, I love researching and finding out new ideas and educating myself on something I knew nothing about yesterday and hope to pass on those ideas through my designs. For my Threadgate debut collection 'Trouble in Utopia' I was inspired by Le Corbusier and his ideas and designs on public housing and Brutalist architecture. This lead me in a deep wormhole of research into utopias, Brutalism, concrete, communal living, new architecture and modernism. I then mind mapped all these ideas to create my textile designs. 


What do you enjoy most about the creative process?

I really enjoy the practical side of the creative process, hand screen printing, cutting fabric, pattern making and sewing. Screen printing would be my newest skill I have gained so I still learn new skills with each new design and space I work in. Through screen printing at Bobbin & Ink I have learnt new ways to do things from Laura.

What aspect of your production do you undertake here at Bobbin and Ink?

I do all my screen printing work at Bobbin & Ink with my screen printing partner Liz Bryan. As I wanted to do every step of the screen printing process myself, Bobbin & Ink was my only option in Sydney where I could come and independently use the space to work. I was able to use the space to expose my large screens, screen print yardage on the 6m table and really utilise Laura's screen printing skills and learn from her.

Where can we find more about you and what you're up to?

Through my website and instagram @_threadgate and for the behind the scenes stuff on my personal instagram @gemmathreadgate


Campaign photos shot by Patrick Mason | Additional photos by Gemma Threadgate

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