Teacher Feature | Susan of Measure Twice Cut Once

Teacher Feature | Susan of Measure Twice Cut Once

Tell us about you and what you do?

Hi, my name is Susan but many people know me from my business/label name Measure Twice Cut Once.

How did you choose your business name Measure Twice Cut Once?  And do you have any horror stories about only 'measuring once'?

Actually I didn’t choose my business/label name, my partner aka The Englishman did. I had been wanting to start a sewing blog but had an idea that I would want to do more than just talk about my own sewing so was looking for a name with growth potential. After many failed name ideas on my behalf he walked in and named it perfectly first go.

I don’t think I have any horror stories on only measuring once? I try to look at everything as a way to learn so even mistakes aren’t all bad?

Where did your love of sewing begin?

I’ve been sewing since before I went to Primary school. I grew up in a sewing family: my Grandmother sews, my mum sews, as do myself and my sister. Ever since I was tiny I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer so I worked through all of primary and then high school to get into design college. I ended up going to TAFE, absolutely loved it and have been working in the fashion industry since. Now I’m mixing up my fashion work with sewing work by teaching, making patterns and even working in a fabric store a few days a week.

What is the most enjoyable project you have worked on?

I have a dress that I made to wear to a good friend’s wedding. It’s not fancy just a gorgeous printed cotton sateen but every time I wear it, it fills me with joy. I love how it fits, how the skirt is swishy and how I remember it being a great weekend for their wedding. Sometimes the everyday and practical can be made beautiful by a garment that fits perfectly and suits the wearer.

Tell us a bit more about the courses you will be teaching with us at Bobbin and Ink? 

I’m pretty excited to be having 2 classes with Bobbin and Ink. Both are designed to stretch your skills but we will go step by step so you won’t feel rushed. First up is swimwear and stretch. I so enjoy making swimwear. Once you get into it and learn a few tricks you will be wanting to make all of the swimmers! It’s also great for increasing your skills working with elastic and topstitching which can be applied in other areas of sewing.

The second class is all about luxury where we will be going over lace and silks. Traditionally a little bit more expensive fabrics they tend to be fabrics and techniques we only deal with for special occasion garments. The course will be focusing on making your everyday a little bit more special with slips and robes in luxe fabrics with lace trimming. Learning to deal with slippery fabrics increases your skills with all fabrics as you learn how to manipulate the fabric without straining it and using the properties unique to specialty fabrics to create standout garments.

Have you had any memorable teaching experiences?

I once had a class where no one spoke! It was so hard, I kept asking questions, posing scenarios, basically doing anything I could to get them to talk and just stunned silence. For 2 days it was utterly exhausting as I tried everything I could to get them to open up. Once the official class time had finished on the second day I was inundated with students asking questions so fast and furious I couldn’t keep up! Apparently they were all super shy and didn’t want to ask a question for fear of interrupting me and missing out on the information I was giving!

So lesson learnt by me - now I try to arrive earlier and get chatting to people before class officially starts and then everyone is a bit more relaxed.

Where can we find more about you and what you're up to?

For everyday updates I’d say Instagram, I love the community of sewers there and it’s a wonderful place to see pics and be inspired by everyone's makes. Follow me and you’ll see my sewing adventures and pics from around Sydney depending on what else I’m up to on any given day, oh and cat photos, there will always be cat photos.

For more in depth information you can check out my blog. Primarily I use this to do longer written pieces about what I’ve been sewing, Let you know when classes and workshops are coming up and other things to do with sewing.

Stretch and Swimwear Course

Currently in session...but more dates coming soon. Email us to be notified! classes@bobbinandink.com

Lace and Luxe: Lingerie, Delicates and Slippery Fabrics Sewing Course
5 weeks x 3hr Sunday Sessions
Feb 26 to Mar 26, 10am to 1pm

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I would love to join your next denim course. Do you have dates yet?

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