Stretch & Sportswear Sewing Course with Measure Twice, Cut Once





x 3 Weeks


Whether you're an aspiring yogi, gym junkie, fitness fanatic or just really enjoy wearing stretchy pants and tops around the house, we've got your stretch sewing needs covered in this 9 hour course. 

Stretch and sportswear is all about working with one and two-way stretch fabric, stretch lining, knits, elastic and fasteners. Like our Clothes Making for Beginners Course, you'll be working on a project of your choosing. We have a weeknight course of 3 hours x 3 sessions, or a weekend course of 4 1/2 hours (+ break) x 2 sessions over Saturday & Sunday. If you need access to a sewing machine between classes, you can sew onsite at Bobbin and Ink or work from home if you prefer.

We've suggested some basic patterns from our pattern books (we hold Vogue, Butterick and McCalls in-store) which we stock and you can order upon booking in, as well as a couple of pdf pattern suggestions. If you have an alternative pattern you'd like to use, that's fine, just let us know before booking (we want to make sure you're not going to attempt something too complex for your skill level and the scheduled class hours). You will need to ensure you have the pattern in your size, there won't be time to do major redrafting in class.

The aim is to improve your confidence in sewing with materials that like to move around as you work with them, and it is for those who are confident sewing with woven fabrics but feel unsure about what tools and machine settings are best for getting quality results with knits and stretch fabrics.

Basic sewing skills and comfort on your machine are assumed in this intermediate sewing class (see Clothes Making for Beginners first, if you don't fit this criteria).

With a maximum number of 6 students per class, you'll get comforting one-on-one time with your teacher, Susan Goodwin of Measure Twice Cut Once


  • Choosing correct needle, threads and stitch settings for working with knits.
  • Reading and working with paper patterns.
  • Choosing the right type of fabric and notions for your project.
  • Techniques used for cutting and working with slippery, stretchy / knit materials.
  • Shaping garments to fit.


    • Optional: 1 pattern of your choice from our supplied brands (McCalls, Vogue, Butterick). We've pictured some alternative patterns which you can purchase from Jalie as pdf or printed patterns, or if you have a preferred pattern, you're welcome to bring that instead.
    • Sewing machine use or bring your own.
    • Access to our cutting tables and mannequins.
    • Use of specialist tools, e.g. pinking shears, tracing wheels, cutting mats, etc*
    • Endless tea, coffee and bickies!


    • Sewing Kit – thread snips, black and white sewing thread, fabric scissors, pearl head/berry/glass head pins, water soluble pen/pencils/tailors chalk, measuring tape and un-picker. If you don't have the above, we have a kit available to purchase in-store which includes most of the basics necessary.*
    • A working sewing machine. We recommend working on your own sewing machine so you gain confidence in its features. Make sure you bring along the manual too! Otherwise we can provide you a sewing machine to use throughout the course. Just remember to tell us when you sign up.
    • A close fitting tank top/bike pants. You'll be required to wear one under your clothes at different points across the course, as we will be measuring each other in class.
    • Notebook and pen
    • Wear closed-in shoes and no loose jewellery

    *Marked items can be purchased in store, if you don't already have these.
    with any questions you might have.

        This Class is subject to Bobbin and Ink's Cancellation Policy.
        Please read it on our Terms and Conditions page before booking.


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