Hemline Premium Rose Gold Dressmaking Shears / Scissors


Beautiful "rose gold" handled shears with 210mm (8 1/4") knife edge designed for easily cutting fabric.


  • Double plated with a nickel and chrome finish for life-long protection
  • Larger grip handle to comfortably fit three adult sized fingers

Cleaning and Care:

  • This is  a quality scissor and it will last a lifetime if cleaned regularly, used with care (i.e. do not try to cut pins or metal objects) and stored in a clean moisture free place.
  • Clean the blades regularly with a chemically treated Cleaning Cloth, or a soft cloth with some white spirit. Apply a drop of sewing machine oil to the joint from time to time and wipe off any excess.
  • Do not allow blades to come into contact with glue or sticky tape as the smallest amount of glue on the cutting surfaces will greatly inhibit the cutting action.

Warning: These scissors are sharp and can be dangerous if misused. Always use with care and supervision recommended for children.

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