Design and Screen Print T-Shirts: 6 Week Beginners Course


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Whether for business or pleasure, if you’ve dreamed of creating your own designs and printing them onto t-shirts, dream no more! Get started in our 6 week, hands-on, design and screen printing course.

We'll kick things off by discussing your ideas as a group, before jumping on a computer to learn how to digitally turn your ideas into images using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (or a similar program if you prefer, just check with us first). Bring along your laptop with Adobe Creative Cloud installed to use in class. If you don't have one, just let us know that you need to borrow one of our desktop computers in class. Either way, no prior experience on these programs is required or expected from you*. We'll show you the basic ropes in class and you'll work towards creating a final t-shirt design to suit your skill level. In the process, you'll also discover how to generate/ save/ share digital mockups, and how to simplify and convert your final shirt design into a format that makes it easiest to screen print.

In the second half of the course, we'll show you how to coat and expose images onto screens using UV sensitive emulsion. We'll spend some time preparing screens before printing your final image onto a t-shirt (or other garment if you prefer) using waterbased inks. We'll talk about methods for making the prints last, alternatives to water-based printing, ways of mixing colours and marketing options for selling your tees after they're made, if that's your goal.

There will be time to print more than one garment in class, and if you're quick, time to print more than one design. We'll discuss this as class progresses. Feel free to bring shirts or other items to test print in class, but we have a variety of blank shirts available to purchase in our shop, if you'd like to print extras.

The course is geared towards t-shirt printing but if you prefer to print another type of garment, just ask us.The goal is to play with your creative ideas and learn to decorate shirts professionally through quality experimentation.

*Please Note: Due to the condensed length of this course, we HIGHLY recommend that only people who are very confident using a computer enrol, as there is limited time to practice. It may go without saying, but you will need to know how to view and save files without help, download and upload images using email and be comfortable with attempting to draw using a mouse. If you struggle with any of these tasks, this class is not for you. We don't expect you to have prior knowledge using the programs Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, but we will be using them in class, so you must be comfortable with the idea of learning to use these programs at a fairly quick pace.

Bobbin and Ink is an LGBTQI+ safe space and this course welcomes women, men and anyone identifying otherwise. 


    • Using a computer to design and translate your ideas into images.
    • Using basic image manipulation tools and techniques within Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
    • Converting sketches or photographs to digital files / film positives for print.
    • Working with photosensitive emulsion to transfer images to screens.
    • Predicting challenges in printing onto different items (eg fabric vs. hard surfaces, t-shirts vs. tote bags, tea-towels and placement pieces).
    • Selecting and mixing ink colours.
    • Selecting different types of screens and squeegees.
    • Coating and exposing screens for multicoloured printing. We will limit you to printing one colour to begin with.
    • Printing onto fabric surfaces using various commercial and DIY techniques to use at home or in our Rental Facilities.
    • Methods for curing fabric.
    • Avenues available for selling shirts or setting up an online store.

              COST INCLUDES:

              • Practice fabrics / paper to print onto
              • Film positives
              • Ink and tool access
              • Access to computers in class hours with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator installed

              WHAT TO BRING: 

              • Clothes you won't mind getting dirty or stained by ink.
              • Pen and paper to write notes on (if you'd like to).
              • Any sketches, photos or artwork files you would like to work on in class. If you want to start a Pinterest board with ideas before class, even better.
              • Shirts or other garments you would like to learn to print onto. We are a wholesaler of numerous shirt brands including AS Colour, Ramo and Gildan. If you're interested in ordering discounted shirts through us, we stock a basic range in-store but there will also be time in the first few weeks to place an order with us if there are specific styles you're after. Ask us for details before class if you have any questions.

              EMAIL US
              with any questions you might have.

                  This Class is subject to Bobbin and Ink's Cancellation Policy.
                  Please read it on our Terms and Conditions page before booking.


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