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Rit Liquid All-Purpose Dye

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Rit Liquid Dye is a non-toxic, non-flammable, all purpose dye.

Easy to use, all you need is dye and hot water to make a magical colour transformation happen. Start experimenting with Rit All-Purpose Dye to re-dye faded jeans, change the colour of clothes or other items around your home and give them new life. Create tie-dye, ombre and shibori effects, or move beyond dyeing fabric to dyeing materials like wood, paper, feathers and rope.

It is primarily used for fabrics but can be used to dye a variety of surfaces including:

  • Washable fabrics containing natural fibers: cotton, linen, wool, silk and ramie
  • Synthetic fibers: rayon
  • Fabric shoes: cotton canvas sneakers and satin shoes made of silk
  • Unfinished wood and wicker: furniture, picture frames, moldings, shutters, wicker baskets, straw, rattan and sisal squares
  • Natural dried plants and pine cones: dried cornhusks, milkweed, goldenrod, thistle, foxtails and pine cones
  • Paper: watercolor paper and newspaper for papercrafts and cardmaking
  • Miscellaneous: unfinished clay, cement, cork, feathers, fabric lampshades, paraffin (powder dye only), cotton and nylon rope, sand and seashells
  • Food for crafts: dried beans, eggshells, seeds and macaroni

Rit Liquid Dye is safe for disposal and septic systems, no mask required for home use quantities and there are no hazardous or harsh additives required for use.

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