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Bias Tape Maker (Various Sizes)

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This is a tool for making bias binding.


  • Cut strips twice the width of the bias tape maker.
  • Trim one end to a point and feed into the tape maker with fabric right side up and the metal part of the tool uppermost. Use a pin to help feed the fabric through.
  • Working on an ironing board, pin the fabric end to the board and then pull the coloured handle away. Press the folds in the bias tape as it comes through the narrow end.


  • To find the true bias of the fabric, which is at 45 degrees to the selvedge, fold up the cut edge parallel to the selvedge. The diagonal fold is on the bias.
  • To join the bias strips to create one long one, place strips at right angles to each other, right sides together, stitch from top left to bottom right. Trim off excess and open out.