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Brother CV3550 Double-Sided Coverstitch Machine

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CV3550 Double-Sided Cover Stitch

Create a wide range of cover stitches on all types and weights of fabric for both decorative and constructive applications.

The Brother CV3550 Double-Sided Cover Stitch machine offers coverhem functionality for a high-quality, sophisticated finish, Easy handling and user-friendly threading systems make hemming and topstitching fabrics and garments a breeze.

Features at a glance

  • 5,4,3 and 2 threads Cover Stitch Machine
  • Large working space - Comfortably work on projects with ample free space surrounding the needle - 155mm working space
  • Super easy lower looper threading system - with simple to follow thread guide
  • 5 colour threading guide improved for easier threading 
  • Telescopic metal thread stand - Once threaded, the stand helps straighten the threads to prevent tangling
  • Perfect cover stitches on all types and weights of fabric
  • Thread Cutter for convenience and added efficiency
  • Easy access controls - Easy access to presser foot lever, stitch length adjustment dial, differential feed ratio adjustment dial and handwheel. 
  • Differential feed - Alter the speed at which your fabric is feeding through the machine
  • Free arm - Easily manoeuvre fabrics to create curved shaped pieces and small items.
  • Vertical needle - Provides extra strength and power for thicker fabrics
  • Release of thread tension - Lift the presser foot to automatically release the thread tension and remove your garment from the machine without sticking or tugging.
  • Brighter working area through energy-saving LED light
  • Lightweight, compact machine with carry handle
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Free arm
  • Instructional DVD
  • Built-in accessory storage

For more information on setting up this machine and stitch capabilities, see this informative video tutorial: