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Brother Machine Presser Feet

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These Brother machine feet are suitable for use with most modern snap-on models of Brother branded sewing machines.

Some feet will be compatible with Elna, Janome and Singer Machines. Please enquire before purchasing if you have any questions about feet compatibility.

Brother Machine Compatibility:

5mm Models - these are machines whose maximum zigzag stitch width is 5mm. These include: JS - Series, GS-Series, SL300, SL100, BM-Series, XL Series, LS-Series, Star 40E/30E/20E/20/15/10, VX-Series.

7mm Models - these are machines whose maximum zigzag stitch width is 7mm. These include: XV8550D, XV8500D,NV6750D/NV6700D/6000D, V-Series, NV4500D/4000D/4000, NV1500D, NV1200-Series, NV900/500-Series, QC-Series, Next F Series, NV200/400/600, NX200/400/600, NS-Series, SL500, FS series, DS-Series, CS-Series, PS-Series, A-Series, Super Galaxie 3000-Series, Super Galaxie 2000-Series, Super Ace-Series, Star 230E/240E/140E/130E/120E/110.

Further Details:

5 Hole Cording Foot F019N - Pass cord, shirring elastic or fine braiding through the holes and stitch them in place for impressive decorative effects. Suits 7mm models.

Adjustable Bias Binder Foot F071AP - Feeds and folds various widths of bias tape from 3/16” (5mm) to 3/4” (20mm) around the edge of fabric as you sew.

Adjustable Zipper / Piping Foot F036N - A skinny adjustable foot that allows access around thick zippers, cord and other trims. Great for use in bag making and other bulky projects that make access with a regular foot difficult.

Binder Foot F014NConveniently attaches bias tape less than 7mm in width around the edge of fabric as you sew. Suits All Models.

Blind Stitch Foot F017NThis adjustable foot comes in handy not only for blind hem stitching, but is also perfect for edge stitching, attaching lace and fabric edge joining.

Braiding Foot F02INAllows you to attach braiding and other decorative embellishments.

Button Hole Foot A - One-step button hole stitching foot. Compatible machines would have come with this foot, so please check this can be used with your machine before purchasing. Suits 7mm models.

Button Sewing Foot M - Holds a garment button still to allow the machine to stitch it in place. Ensure the feed dogs are dropped and correct zigzag width is selected to not damage the foot or button when in use.

Clearview Foot F023N - Use for optimum visibility while sewing. It's convenient for use during quilting, patchwork or other situations where you want to sew decorative stitches over the top of seams or over a pattern drawn on the fabric.

Binding Buttonhole Foot 2 F084APThe binding buttonhole foot is perfect for sewing buttonholes onto tricky fabrics. Includes stabilizing plate for thick seams, stretch fabric or staggered fabric. The maximum buttonhole length (diameter + thickness of button) is approx. 37 mm (1-1/2"). For low shank computerised machines only.

Concealed Zipper Foot F080AP - For easy insertion of invisible zippers. Finger press the zipper coils up and line up the groove of the foot to the edges. The guide in front of the foot holds your zipper firmly. Suits all models.

Gathering Foot F012N - Make gathers while sewing on lace or decorative edging, or to gather one or two layers of lightweight fabric. Suits all models.

Narrow Hemmer Foot F003N - Create a narrow rolled hem on lightweight fabrics. Suits 5mm models.

Narrow Hemmer Foot F002N - Create a narrow rolled hem on lightweight fabrics. Suits 7mm models.

Narrow Zipper Foot F079AP A skinny foot that allows access around thick zippers, cord and other trims. Great for use in bag making and other bulky projects that make access with a regular foot difficult. Suits 7mm models.

Non Stick Foot / Teflon Foot F007N - Use with hard to handle fabric that may otherwise stick to presser foot, i.e. leather or a coated fabric. Suits 7mm models.

Open Toe Foot F027N - Sewing with complete visibility. Convenient for applique and sewing along guidelines, such as with paper foundation piecing. Suits 7mm models.

Overcasting Foot G - Use with compatible stitches to achieve a neat finish on the edge on fabrics. Replicate a finish similar to overlocking. Suits 7mm models.

Pearls and Sequins Foot F028N - Place embellishment choice under the foot and into guide to stitch down to the base fabric. Best for beads with a diameter of up to 4mm using a zigzag stitch. Suits 7mm models.

Quarter Inch Quilting Foot F001N - Use this foot to sew an accurate 1/4" (6.4mm) or 1/8" (3.2mm) seam allowance. It can be used for piecing quilts together or topstitching. Suits all models.

Quilting Free Motion Foot F061A spring action, open-toed quilting foot for greater visibility while darning and free-motion quilting. It rises and lowers as it travels over varying fabric thicknessesSuits 5mm & 7mm Models except XV & V Series.

Quilting Free Motion Foot F005N - Used for darning, quilting or free-motion embroidery. Spring Loaded. 5mm & 7mm Models.

Ruffler Foot F051Creates ruffles and pleats in varying depths and fullness. Suits XP, XJ1, V Combo & V Sew Models.

Side Cutter F054Creates a cut edge, like an overlocker. This foot has a centred post for consistent stitch formation over the fabric edge. Suits 7mm models.

Spanish Hem Set F090AP - Creates intricate lacey designs joining ribbons or finished edges of fabric together using 7mm decorative stitches. Featuring a cord guide/spacer fixed on the bobbin cover and includes the Open Toe Foot FO27N. Compatible with 7mm stitch width machines.

Straight Stitch Foot F042Use for consistent straight stitching on lightweight or sheer fabrics. The single needle hole prevents fine fabrics from being caught in feed dogs. Suits 7mm models.

Walking Foot F033N - This foot's upper feed dog holds and moves fabric firmly against the machine's lower feed dogs to better control difficult fabrics / multiple layers. Great for quilting, sewing matching prints or plaids or when fabric drift is an issue.

Zigzag Foot, Low Shank F053 - the standard regular foot that comes with most machines, complete with leveling button and holder ankle.

Zipper Foot I - Standard foot for attaching zippers.