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Double Sided Bobbin Box (with 50 plastic bobbins)

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Double sided bobbin box with 50 x coloured plastic 15J Class plastic bobbins inside this clear plastic storage box with strong hinge and catch.

The bobbins included measure 11mm height x 20mm diameter, which makes them suitable for many modern household sewing machines including modern Singer, Brother, Janome and Elna domestic sewing machines. Refer to your machine manual and only use bobbins that match the size and shape of the ones that came with your machine.

These bobbins are compatible with both front loading and drop in types of machines, just check the dimensions of your existing bobbins. If in doubt whether these bobbins will fit your machine, just check with us before purchasing.

We cannot refund if you have selected the incorrect bobbins for your machine and take no responsibility for damaged machines due to incorrect bobbin selection.

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