Fitting Commercial Patterns for Trousers with Studio Faro


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Frustrated with your attempts to sew pants? Sick of baggy butts, wayward waist-lines, or just plain unflattering fit?

Join us at Bobbin and Ink as guest tutor, Anita McAdam of Studio Faro, provides a day of confidence-boosting, instructive guidance in making the right alterations to create a well-fitted trouser. This class is suitable for men and women alike.

In this 1-day pattern-fitting workshop, Anita will demonstrate how to make changes to commercial trouser patterns to improve the overall fit and balance. Students are required to arrive at class with a fully or partially-made calico trouser toile (sample) so that the fitting sessions can begin immediately. This step is assumed knowledge, so please note that if you do not come to class with a toile you have started to sew, you will not be able to complete the class.If you don't know what a toile is or if you don't yet know how to sew trousers, we recommend that instead of doing this class, you should start with our Clothes Making for Beginners Course. Sewing fitted pants requires a bit of practice and confidence sewing and reading patterns.

All the pattern alterations discussed will be detailed in a workbook that students will receive to take home at the end of the class.

Student numbers are kept low (6-10) to improve your one-on-one time with Anita.



  • How to analyse the fit of a trouser sample and identify the alterations needed to achieve a good fit.
  • How to take accurate and detailed body measurements for a great trouser fit. 
  • How to locate those measurements on your own commercial pattern for precise fitting alterations. 
  • How to alter your pattern, catering for your own fitting issues.
  • Understanding the cause of most fitting issues in trouser patterns.
  • Knowing the exact pattern alteration to fix each of these fitting issues.
  • Applying your own body measurements to commercial patterns and understanding how they will fit your body before you cut your fabric. 


        • Fitting demonstrations on students in the room to show the 
          potential trouser fit issues all in one place. 
        • Demonstrations of the most common pattern alterations for fitting trousers. 
        • One-on-one time with Anita to identify the pattern alterations that will make your trousers great. 
        • A detailed workbook with all the pattern alterations required to  achieve a well-fitted trouser. 
        • A comprehensive materials and suppliers list featuring Anita’s favourite sources. 
        • Sewing machine use or bring your own! 
        • Access to our cutting tables and mannequins 
        • Endless tea and coffee provided 

        WHAT TO BRING: 

        • A fully or partially completed trouser for the fitting sessions at the beginning of the day.  It’s a good idea to at least have all seams finished and a zip inserted for optimal fitting conditions. Do not use a precious or expensive fabric for this fitting, as many of the alterations for trousers are made to the pattern and we may not be able to fully save your fitting sample. Calico is an excellent option for this purpose.
        • Any favourite pattern making equipment you may have. There will be some specialist rulers and equipment in the class for students to use and packs available for purchase should you want to take them home.
        • A ruler, pencil, eraser, glue stick, tape measure and paper scissors. 
        • A working sewing machine - we recommend working on your own sewing machine so you gain more confidence. Otherwise we can provide you a sewing machine to use through out the course. Just remember to tell us when you sign up!
        • Notebook and pen.
        • Lunch - we have a microwave, fridge and kettle if you'd like to bring your own. There will be a half hour break in class so you're welcome to stretch your legs and grab something to eat just down the road in Leichhardt too.
        • Please wear closed in shoes and no loose jewelry.

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        with any questions you might have.

            This Class is subject to Bobbin and Ink's Cancellation Policy.
            Please read it on our Terms and Conditions page before booking.

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