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Hemline Horsehair Braid

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Horsehair Braid stiffens hem edges so they flair up, as specified in patterns.


Before applying Horsehair Braid, steam press it to remove any creases. Use low heat. DO NOT USE HOT IRON.

1. Mark hemline; trim allowance to 6mm (1/4 inch)

2. Using long machine stitch, ease stitch one edge of the braid.

3. on right side of garment, align unstitched edge of braid with hemline. Fold ends of braid under seam.

4. Stitch close to edge of braid.

5. Turn braid up along hemline and baste close to fold. Pull ease thread to draw up fullness; press and pin.

6. Slipstitch free edge of braid to garment; whipstitch abutted braid ends together.

7. Press hem carefully.

Washable, dry cleanable. Made in Taiwan.