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Hemline Bobbins for Sewing Machines (Various Brands / Models)

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The following are generic Hemline branded  bobbins designed for various models and brands of sewing machines. Each pack has 3 bobbins inside.

Where possible, we've listed the compatible brands/models of machine below.

You may also find that some of these are compatible with other brands/models of sewing machine, but if in doubt, check with us before purchasing. Each machine is designed to take a particular size and shape of bobbin, not all bobbins are interchangeable.

Important: Always check bobbins are the same size/style as the original ones in your machine or listed in your machine manual before using. Selecting the incorrect bobbin can damage your sewing machine.





Plastic Standard Janome / New Home Bobbins (Front & Drop-In Style): Suits most modern 7mm stitch width sewing machines including Janome, New Home, IKEA, and most modern Brother, Elna and Singer sewing machines (click here for more info on Singer bobbins) with drop-in style, top loading bobbin system. 11.5mm in height, 20mm in diametre. If you have not purchased this style of bobbin before, check with us to make sure these fit your machine before purchasing.

Plastic Singer Bobbin (Curved, Drop-In Style): Class 66 bobbins that belong to group F. They have a slightly curved (convex) surface on the top and bottom. These look similar but are not the same as Plastic Janome Bobbins. They measure 10.8mm in height.

Plastic 15K Class Bobbins: Standard plastic bobbins for 15K type bobbin cases. Can be used on machines originally supplied with a metal bobbin, but check the dimensions fit your machine. These are similar to the Janome bobbins in size, they are the same diametre at 20mm wide, but they have a small ridge on top of the bobbin that makes the height slightly taller at 11.8mm, so don't get them confused. Certain models in the Celestial, Empisal, Frister & Rossman, Janome / New Home and Singer range with a front loading bobbin case will take these bobbins.

Plastic Husqvarna Bobbins for Models to 1990: This popular haberdashery bobbin suits most Husqvarna / Viking models, including the popular 2000 series. Specific models using this style of bobbin are: 990S, 990, 980, 960, 950S, 950, 945, 940, 630, 620, 610, 190, 185, 180, 150, 120, 105, 100, 95, 90, 2000 Series. These plastic bobbins can replace the metal bobbins originally supplied with these machines.

Plastic Pfaff Bobbins: These can be used with A C D E F G class machines in the PFAFF sewing machine range. They measure 8.7mm in height.



Metal Standard 15K Class Bobbins (Front Loading): These bobbins fit most makes and models of front loading machines that were originally designed to take a metal bobbin. If your machine came with plastic bobbins, we don't recommend swapping them for metal ones. Certain models in the Celestial, Empisal, Frister & Rossman, Janome / New Home and Singer range with a front loading bobbin case will take these bobbins. Check your manual or with us before purchasing if you are unsure they fit your machine. 11.8mm in height.

Metal Singer Class 66K Bobbins (Drop-In Style): These bobbins have a slightly curved top and bottom surface and are designed to suit Singer machines which originally came with metal bobbins of this style. These are not suitable with modern Singer sewing machines. See here for more information on Singer bobbins.

Metal Bernina Rotary Style (Front Loading): Suits the following Bernina models: 1000, 1000 Plus, 1001, 1630, 180, 185, 200, 640, 730 and 580.

Metal Elna Swiss Style (Front Loading): Suits all Elna machines made in Switzerland.

Metal Empisal / Toyota / Bernette / Industrial Bobbins: Suits some old models of Toyota, Empisal, Bernette, Singer, Riccar machines etc, which have front loading bobbin case and full rotary hook mechanism. This industrial style suits many brands of industrial straight stitch sewing machines.