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Hemline Tailors' Chalk Triangular (Various Types)

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Triangular shaped tailors' chalk is slim and lightweight for easy drawing on fabric.

Comes in a handy snap pack of 3 to prevent damage and last longer. Draws fine lines to transfer pattern marks to fabric without crumbling. Great for tracing patterns, marking buttonholes, darts and hemlines.

Always test on a scrap of your fabric first.

2 options available:

  • Tailors Chalk (White, Red, Blue)Genuine clay-based tailors' chalk in a handy snap pack of 3. Assorted light and dark colours in the pack make it easy to mark most fabrics clearly, then brush away after use.
  • Tailors Vanishing Chalk (White) - White colour marks clearly on fabrics and disappears within 72 hours, or it can be removed with a warm iron or damp cloth. No need to brush chalk off the garment when you are done.