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Inspira Needles for Domestic Machines

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Inspira Needles are the preferred brand for use with PFAFF and Huskvarna domestic sewing machines.

These needles (excluding the Overlock needles) belong to the 130/705 H system, which means that they have a flat shank. It makes them suitable for use in most modern domestic sewing machines, as opposed to rounded industrial needles. If in doubt about what system of needle to use in your machine, consult your sewing machine user manual.

In the Inspira range there are different profiles of needle designed to penetrate different fabrics, explained below. Each type of needle is available in different sizes, ranging from 60 to 120, which may restrict the weight of thread you will be able to use with them, depending on the project. Ensure you have picked the correct needle type and size to suit the fabric and thread that you are using.

 If you are unsure which needle best suits your needs, feel free to Contact Us.



Universal Needles have a slight rounded point and come in a variety of sizes. They work best for general sewing and a variety of fabrics.

Denim Needles have a sharp point to penetrate tightly woven fabrics without deflecting the needle. Perfect for canvas, denim and microfibers.

Embroidery Needles have a special scarf, a slightly rounded point and slightly larger eye to avoid damage to thread and materials. Use with metallic and other specialty threads for embroidery and decorative sewing.

The wedge shaped point of the Leather Needles is specially designed to penetrate leather and artificial leather. The needle is not suitable for textiles.

Microtex or Sharp Needles have a very sharp point like Denim needles but are available in smaller sizes. Use for microfiber to topstitch light-weight, tightly woven fabric. 

Stretch Needles have a special scarf to eliminate skipped stitches when there is flex in the fabric. Best for knits, swimwear, fleece, synthetic suede and leathers.

Topstich Needles have a very large eye that makes it the ideal choice for topstitching with heavier threads. Both the eye and grieve are larger, for techniques such as machines tatting or crazy quilt embellishments with silk buttonhole twist, 12 and 30 weight cotton and other decorative thread. 

The Twin Needle or Double Needle has two separate needles mounted onto one shank. Used for decorative sewing, top stitching and twin needle tucks.  The larger the number the wider the space between the needle.

The Wing Needles have wide wings on the side of the needles to poke holes in the fabric when sewing entredeux and other hemstitches on natural fiber fabrics. 

These Overlock Needles are designed to fit machines that use EL x 705 needles. Not all overlockers / sergers take the same type of needles. Check your machine manual and ensure you only use the specified type.
If you're unsure what needles you need for your machine, please contact us for advice. Make sure you let us know the brand and model of your machine.