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Klasse Dressmaking Scissors (for Right or Left Handed)

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These lightweight but powerful 235mm (9 1/4") serrated scissors are great for everyday sewing projects.
  • The larger size handles allow for a full 4 finger grip for better control and greater leverage when cutting.
  • The lightly serrated blade allows for better grip of the fabric while cutting and less slippage.
  • The thicker blades enable greater cutting power on heavy fabrics.
  • Complete with a fully adjustable joint and a sturdy locking nut, this ensures adjustments remain set.
  • Right or left handed grip

Cleaning and care:

  • Ensure blades are free of any glue or sticky tape. To remove glue or tape, wipe with a soft cloth and light oil.
  • Ocassionally open the scissors fully and apply a drop of light oil to the pivot joint. Wipe off any excess.

These scissors are sharp and can be dangerous if misused. Always use with care and supervision is recommended for children.