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Klassé Pinking Shears 235mm (9 1/4")

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Quality Klasse scissors now in environmentally friendly plastic-free packaging.

These general use pinking shears have a zig-zagged cutting edge. Pinking can be used as a substitution for overlocking or hemming fabric. It is designed to lessen fraying and keep seams looking tidy, though for many fabrics fraying is unavoidable using this finishing method alone.

Pinking shears perform best on medium weight fabrics such as homespun, calico, patchwork fabrics ,cottons, wools, felts, etc. They are not recommended for heavy fabrics, knitted, tricots, thin or silky fabrics.

For best results, lay the fabric flat on a table when cutting. The performance is reduced if the fabrics are held in hand. Place the fabric into the pinker up to the second last notch from the handle. Do not jam the fabric all the way into the wide open pinker.


  • Longer 235mm (9 1/4 Inch) pinker for additional leverage and fatigue-free pinking. Larger grip handle to comfortably fit 3+ adult fingers
  • Ball bearing joint for a smoother action and long life protection.
  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • The teeth of the sheers will improve the more they are used as long as they are kept clean. Do not cut into sticky tapes or glued surfaces to ensure the blades keep working.

*These scissors are sharp and can be dangerous if misused. Always use with care and supervision is recommended for children.