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PERMAPRINT® Premium Poster Ink Glow Colours

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The Permaprint® Premium Glow range of poster inks provide the bold fluorescent colours you need to make your poster prints pop!

Not to be confused with phosphorescent ink, these "glow" colours do not glow in the dark, but are bright enough to make you squint in daylight. They look particularly bold under a UV black light, if you're looking for that special "90's disco bowling" effect, or recreating that trippy star gate scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Permaprint® Premium inks are high-quality, water-based screen printing inks. Manufactured in Australia, they are solvent free, making equipment easy to clean with water.

Permaprint® Premium inks dry glossy and offer excellent weather resistance. After air drying, prints exhibit excellent abrasion resistance and good water resistance properties which make them useful for printing posters and signage, though not ideal for textile surfaces, which will be repeatably washed or stretched. See the Permaset Aqua range of inks if you intend to print fabrics and textiles.

Suitable Substrates/ Print Surfaces:

Permaprint® Premium inks are suited to printing onto paper, cardboard, tyvek, polyesters (mylar), polycarbonates (lexan), some coated metals and poly-styrene. Care should be taken with some vinyls as plasticizer migration may soften the ink over time. Care should also be taken with some uncoated papers as cockling may occur.


Screen meshes of 70-120T (180-305 tpi) monofilament polyester are suitable for most Permaprint® Premium applications. Normally one to two pulls of the squeegee are required when printing. If using stencils, ensure they are water resistant and fully cured. Always replace the lid after use to avoid the ink drying out and changing viscosity.


Permaprint® Premium inks dry by evaporation over 20-30 minutes depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. If only air-dry facilities are available, do not apply if temperature is below 10 degrees Celcius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). Prints may be jet dried at 65-75 degrees Celcius for approximately 30-40 seconds using maximum air flow. Ensure adequate ventilation is provided and cooling allowed before stacking, to prevent sticking or blotting.

*Important*: Before attempting any print run, experiment with pieces of test material to check adhesion and water-resistance properties. If using a tunnel drier, run a number of full sized test blanks through, both before and following the test print, to simulate thermal load.

Storage and Handling:


Handle according to good industrial hygiene and safety practices. Store in a secure place, out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat. Protect from freezing.

First Aid:

Not an inhalation risk. If ingested, immediately rinse mouth out, drink plenty of water and seek medical attention. Repeated or prolonged skin contact may lead to irritation and it is recommended that any skin contact should be avoided by wearing gloves. If contact occurs, wash skin immediately and thoroughly with soap and water.

Safety and Handling:

Permaprint® Premium has been formulated to be free of any toxic chemicals. The range has no flash point, and as such is exempt from Flammable Liquids regulations. Comprehensive information on the safety and handling of products in the Permaprint® Premium range of inks and ancillaries is provided in the appropriate Safety Data Sheets (SDS) which are available on request.

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