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Permaset Aqua Table Adhesive

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Permaset Aqua Table Adhesive is a specially formulated, pressure sensitive, liquid adhesive for use in fabric printing.

Apply the Table Adhesive to your print board or table to eliminate movement of fabric when printing. It is applied easily by brush roller, spray or scraper card.  Table Adhesive dries quickly to provide a permanently sticky surface, so do not apply it to your kitchen table, unless you want to forever eat off a sticky surface!

The adhesive will lose tack as it becomes dirty, but simply wet the surface thoroughly, scrub the lint/dust off the surface with a sponge, then re-dry the glued surface. If cleaned thoroughly, you should notice the tackiness return. This process can be repeated across the length of a print run.

Undiluted, the adhesive provides an incredibly strong grip. Dependent on your print needs, you may find that diluting the adhesive 1:1 or 1:2 with water will provide perfect adhesion and extend the use you get out of each bottle.

Available in 500mL, 1L and 5L quantities.