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Screen Printing for Beginners (Emulsion / UV Exposure) 1 Day Class

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Duration: 10am to 4pm

Skill Level: Beginners


This is a two-colour introduction class to screen printing onto fabric and paper.

If you’re a curious beginner, an intermediate needing a refresher class or an advanced stencil printer who wants to learn the possibilities of using emulsion on screens to increase the intricacy of their prints, this class is for you!

Choose one of the following projects to tackle on the day:

  • T-Shirt
  • Tea Towel
  • Tote Bag
  • Set of 5 Posters

Learn to take a piece of artwork of your choosing, expose it onto a screen using photo emulsion and uv light, then print onto your choice of surface: fabric or paper. You'll receive a complimentary t-shirt, tote bag, tea towel or 5 x sheets of poster card to print onto, as your project for the day.

There will be time to print a few prints on the day, so feel free to bring an extra shirt or item to test onto. Alternatively, we have blank shirts, tea towels, tote bags and extra poster card which is available for purchase on the day, if you'd like to print some extras.

Bobbin and Ink is an LGBTQI+ safe space and this course welcomes women, men and anyone identifying otherwise. 


    • Printing onto different items (eg fabric vs. hard surfaces, t-shirts vs. tote bags, tea-towels and placement pieces).
    • Selecting and mixing ink colours.
    • Selecting different types of screens and squeegees.
    • Coating and exposing screens for multicolour printing.
    • Printing onto fabric and paper surfaces using various commercial and DIY techniques to use at home or in our Rental Facilities.
    • Methods for curing fabric and drying paper


      • Practice fabrics / paper
      • Film positives
      • Ink and tool access
      • Your choice of t-shirt, tote bag, tea towel or poster card to print onto and take home.


      • Clothes you won't mind getting dirty or stained by ink.
      • Pen and paper to write notes on (if you'd like to)

      EMAIL US
      with any questions you might have.

          This Class is subject to Bobbin and Ink's Cancellation Policy.
          Please read it on our Terms and Conditions page before booking.