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Second Hand Aluminium Frame Screens (For Screen Printing / Silk Screening)

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Looking for a "new" screen? How about an almost new screen instead?

For a home or hobby printer these screens will be indistinguishable from a brand new one while you're printing. We come across many unloved screens in our travels that have been used before, abandoned and so we clean them up, ready to go to a new home.

See the pictures for each screen's condition, measurements and type. If you have any questions, please ask them before purchasing. Any holes in the mesh will be stated in the descriptions, otherwise, be assured you're receiving an in-tact mesh. There may be slight "ghosting" or shadows from old images on the screens, but each has been dehazed before sale so we're guaranteeing they're ready to print with. We do recommend you give them a clean or degrease before using emulsion on them, they tend to pick up dust and grime in storage / transit.

All screens listed have aluminium frames, unless otherwise stated.

If you want us to expose an image onto these screens before pickup, put a note in your order or contact us before purchase. Film and exposure combos start from $35, depending on the size of the screen / graphic.

As a general guide to the mesh counts:

  • 43T mesh is a standard mesh count for textile printing using waterbased inks like Permaset Aqua Standard ink. This mesh will let standard and supercover (opaque / thick) inks through relatively easily. 43T can be used fairly interchangeably with meshcounts up to 54T. If you're printing on a non-absorbant surface like paper or sealed board, you will find that a 43T probably lets too much ink through, it will pool or blob. Opt for a higher mesh count in this case.
  • 61T - 77T mesh is finer so will hold more detail (halftones / fine lines). It will also prevent thicker inks from passing through easily. You will notice your screen drying out more quickly with these meshes, which might stress out a new printer. These finer meshes will allow you to print onto non-absorbant surfaces more cleanly, so if you need a screen to print on textiles and posters, these are a good all-round choice.
  • 90T-120T mesh is quite fine for a waterbased printer. 90T is standard poster or paper printing mesh, suitable for use with Permaset Permaprint Poster Inks. These meshes hold more detail and dry out quickly, so don't start with these if you're a newby.

If you need more help learning to print, check out our classes or contact us with any other screen enquiries.

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