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Singer Sewing Machine Needles

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The following are all genuine Singer sewing needles and are recommended for use with Singer sewing machines. Use for improved quality in your next sewing or overlocking project.

All of these (except the overlocker needles) are 130/705H, which are also compatible with most brands of modern domestic sewing machines. Check your manual to confirm and see what type is recommended for use with your machine. Selecting the incorrect needle types for your sewing machine can cause damage.

Contact us if you have any questions or trouble choosing the right needle.





2020 Universal: "Round sharp" needles used for all woven fabrics. Not as rounded as a ballpoint needle, not as sharp as a sharp, it will deal with most types of fabrics well. It's designed for everyday sewing using mostly woven fabrics but will work with light stretch, denim, and other fabrics as long as they're not too stretchy, thin, tough, etc. You'd be surprised what a universal can sew through, test it out first and switch if you're not getting the results you need.

2000 Universal (Grey Band, Chromium, Embroidery): These regular point needles are recommended for sewing woven fabrics on embroidery machines including all SINGER® and QUANTUM® machines. This stronger needle is longer lasting and will tolerate the high stitching speed of embroidery machines.

2019 Quilting: With a slim and sharp nickel needle, it is easy to penetrate through multiple quilt layers.

2023 Microtex: Chromium needles which are recommended for sewing microfibre, silk and very fine and delicate fabrics. 

2025 Twin 3mm: These "round sharp" universal needles bound together are used for stitching two closely spaced parallel rows at a time - for decorative stitching or sewing stretch fabrics. 3mm gap between the two rows of stitching.

2026 Jeans / Denim: Sharp needles recommended for sewing denim, jeans, and canvas.

2032 Leather / Vinyl: Wedge shaped needles neatly cut through tougher non-woven materials like leather and vinyl. They allow greater punching power to slice through these denser materials than using a universal needle.

2045 Stretch / Ballpoint: Used for sewing knits, the rounded tip allows the needle to pass between the fabric threads by separating them. Using a regular point needle on knit can result in skipped stitches and fabric damage, or cause it to curl.

2040 Hemstitch / Wing-Needle: Sharp needles with wide blades. Creates a small hole in the fabric as is sews and is used in heirloom sewing or Entredeux. Use natural tightly woven fibres like linen & cotton for best results.


2054 Overlocker (Universal, Model 14U, 16 x 75): These light ball point overlocker / serger needles are used for all woven fabrics. 16 x 75 gauge for use on SINGER® model 14U serger/overlock machines.

2022 Overlocker (Chromium, Ultralock 14SH, EL x 705): Round sharp needles, EL x 705 gauge, recommended for SINGER® model QUANTUMLOCK® 14T and ULTRALOCK® 14SH serger/overlock machines.




The above needles are available in various sizes. The European metric sizing system for sewing machine needles is numbered from 60 to 110. The American sizing system is numbered from 8 to 18. For both sizing systems, the lower the number, the finer the needle and the higher the number the larger the needle. Most needle companies show both sizes on the package.

Choose a needle size that suits the thread you will be using for your sewing project. For example, when using a fine, delicate thread, be sure to use a smaller needle size.

Change the needle after sewing two to three garments or after hitting a pin. Fabric damage is often caused by a bent, blunt or burred needle. Uneven or skipped stitches are often the result of using the incorrect needle size or type.


There are 2 colours on each Singer needle. These tell you what kind of needle you have selected.

Needle Type (Top of Needle):

  • Red is for woven fabrics (2020)
  • Yellow is for Knitted fabrics (2045)
  • Blue is for Denim (2026)
  • Brown is for Leather (2032)
  • Dark Grey is for embroidery (2000)
  • Light Grey is for overlocking (2022/2054)
  • Purple is for quilting (2019)

SIze (Band on Needle):

    • Green size 70 is for extra fine fabrics
    • Orange size 80 is for light fabrics
    • Blue size 90 is for medium fabrics
    • Violet size 100 is for heavy fabrics