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KIWO Stencil Remover Powder / Screen stripper 100 gram concentrate

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KIWO branded Pregasol EP3 is a 99.5% pure chemical powder used for safe efficient decoating (reclaiming) of all photo emulsions based on polyvinyl alcohol.

Safe to use on all types of mesh. Handle with caution, can cause harm if used incorrectly. Follow manufacturer's instructions, which can be found here: If further advice is needed, please consult us before ordering.

How to use:

  • Use as a 1-2% aqueous solution.
  • Dissolve 100g of powder in 5-10 L of water.
  • Apply solution to both sides of stencil by applying to mesh.
  • Rinse off with strong water pressure - a regular garden hose will not provide enough pressure, a pressure washer is recommended.
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