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Yupo Stencil Cut Sheets

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Available in a variety of sizes and packs, our Yupo Stencil Cut Sheets are a perfect addition to any stencil cutter's tool kit.

Yupo is a 100% recyclable, waterproof, tree-free synthetic paper ideal to use when hand-cutting screen printing stencils. Much easier to handle than acetate, paper or cardboard stencils, it is smooth, durable, wipes clean easily, will not tear* and is thin enough to cut easily with scissors or a scalpel blade. Because they are waterproof, stencils can be cut from these sheets, printed with waterbased inks, washed and re-used many times, if handled with care. Get the most use out of your hand cut stencils with our Yupo Stencil Sheets.

These sheets can also be cut using some electronic cutting machines or plotters, but to prevent voiding warranty, check with your machine's manufacturer before attempting to do so.

*Like any thin sheet resisting pressure, these stencil sheets can snap if too much is cut away before printing (eg. stencils with very fine details).